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Christine Bovill
'There is always one moment in childhood when the door opens and lets the future in' (Graham Greene). Christine threads her remarkable journey in the world of French song with the life and works of Edith Piaf. No gimmicks. No pretence. Nothing but a voice singing of lifes triumphs and tragedies. Piaf is both a personal narrative and a powerful musical homage to Frances most endearing icon. 'Bovill conveys the pathetic nature of the song with few gestures, her voice carrying all before her, its honeyed subtleties wringing pathos from every line' (
Mandy Knight is The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight - is a stand-up show performed by Time Out awarding-winning comedian Mandy Knight. If you are easily offended and hard-of-thinking and prefer your jokes to be observations about; marmalade, social media or escalators, then this show is probably not for you. Knights jokes will punch you in the gut with an iron fist in a velvet glove and sometimes without the glove. Her rapier wit will be directed towards the darker elements of society and often, towards the audience. She will be savage about; abortion, Foster Care and Village Fetes. At some point, most of us have said to their mother, I wish you were dead. Knight actually means it. . A stream of priceless gems - The Guardian. A virtuoso performer The Independent.
Matt Panesh Freedom...!
Spoken Word
New show. New characters-ish. 'Funny, filthy, furious. Dominates the stage' (Jersey Evening Post). 'If he was a musician he'd be Billy Bragg' (Venue Magazine). Winner, ThreeWeeks Editors Award, Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014.
If you love someone you stick by them, no matter what happens. Because thats the deal. Isnt it? 50-somethings Rob and Cathy are reclaiming their own lives now that daughter Nicola is grown-up and settled; but looming over them is a threat that could rip their future apart. Descent explores what happens as they fight with courage, hope and humanity to hold on to each other and themselves in the face of early onset dementia. Nominated Best New Play, CATS Awards 2016 Powerful and heart-breaking ****(Scotsman). Touchingly perceptive ****(Herald). Captivating ****(List). A must-see!
Sleeping Trees at the Movies
Comedy (music, film)
Everybody has their favourite film genre, whether it's rom-com, action, independent amateur Japanese anime, the list is endless. This year, multi award-winning comedy trio the Sleeping Trees are bringing all of their hit movie shows back to the Edinburgh Fringe: Mafia, Western and Sci-Fi! Without any props or set to aid them and with each show accompanied by a rip-roaring live score, only someone who laments fun would consider missing the greatest movie trilogy since Big Momma's House. All three shows directed by Tom Parry (Pappy's/BBC Radio 4). Amused Moose Comedy Award Finalists 2016.
Jo Caulfield: Older. Wiser. Smarter. Meaner.
Comedy (stand-up)
Award-winning comedian. Razor-sharp. Scandalous. Hilarious. Sarcastic. Opinionated. Mouthy. Filthy. Wine connoisseur. Happy drunk. Con artist. Fabricator. Featured on Have I Got News For You, Mock The Week, Michael McIntyres Roadshow, John Bishop Show. 'One of Britains smartest comics' ***** (Scotsman). 'Jo Caulfield is everything the comedy Fringe is about' ***** (Herald). 'Jokes and observations so well crafted she makes the whole endeavour seem effortless' ***** ( 'The very best hour of comedy I've seen at the Fringe this year' ***** ( 'Guaranteed hour of entertaining comedy ***** ( Some people are obviously easily pleased!
Wereldband: Släpstick
Flying violins! Speed skating ballerinos! An ode to musical comedians like Charlie Chaplin, the Marx Brothers and Spike Jones. A spectacular collection of musical and humorous acts rooted in the music hall tradition, but with a modern twist. The Wereldband, based in the Netherlands, consists of five world-class musicians who, between them, have mastered more than 200 instruments! With a flare for eccentricity and a hint of melancholy, their new show Släpstick has left audiences and critics breathless. The perfect blend of virtuosic musicianship, nostalgic sentiment, and lung-bursting physical comedy in the true slapstick tradition!
Mervyn Stutter
Your Host
Mervyn has been in the entertainment industry since 1974. He started in theatre where he acted, wrote scripts, songs, and directed for around 14 years. In the 1980s, he became the 'regular topical song bloke' on the BBC TV's first ever daytime show, 'Open Air', fronted by a thin Irishman called Eamonn Holmes. Over the years he has performed weekly topical songs on many TV current affairs programmes and more of the same on radio. In the late 1980s, Merv took his comedy songs onto the Comedy Circuit and then touring theatres. Merv's first Edinburgh Fringe was in 1986 and he has been every year since. He started his 'Pick of the Fringe' in 1992 and he has hosted it ever since. More at About Mervyn.
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