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Ivan Brackenbury  (Tom Binns)
One year late, because he got the maths wrong, Ivan celebrates 11 years actually on the Fringe with guest appearances from other creations of Tom Binns, who have recently featured in BBC One's Hospital People.
Puppetry Theatre
The yellow block of foam with a heart of pure gold returns to the Fringe! Following 2015s sell-out run, this low-fi puppetry spectacular, from the creators of award-winning international smash hits The Adventures of Alvin Sputnik: Deep Sea Explorer and Its Dark Outside, is back with a non-stop rollercoaster of action, adventure and nostalgia that bends time and melts your heart. Bruce will sweep you away on an epic adventure of love and revenge. Remarkable and delectable **** (Times). Exquisite skill and perfect comic timing **** (List). Daft, funny and sweet **** (Stage).
Laura Davis Cake in the Rain
Dark, bold and razor-sharp, this is the hotly anticipated UK debut by multi award-winning Australian comedian Laura Davis. An hour with Laura Davis leaves you feeling uplifted, somewhat bewildered, and utterly amazed by such blistering talent (Time Out, Melbourne). 'Impossible not to laugh, everyone left on a high ***** (Herald Sun). 'A refreshing disregard for convention shines through every aspect of her work. It's cathartic, it's twisty, it's surprising... it's, dare I say, Kitsonesque?' (TheMusic.com.au). Winner: Best Independent Show, Melbourne International Comedy Festival and Best Comedy, Melbourne Fringe.
Ben Hart: Belief?
West End star and Edinburgh Cabaret Award nominee Ben is a unique artist, teller of tall tales, mad inventor and sleight of hand master. His performances are a dark, beautiful, baffling and wickedly funny treasure trove of impossible mysteries, visual alchemy, outrageous lies and brutal honesty. Magic shows just aren't supposed to be this... real. Seen on BBC One/BBC Three. 'Makes sceptics become believers' ***** (BroadwayBaby.com). 'Eye-boggling... his sleight of hand is extraordinary' (Time Out). 'Utterly Enchanting' (Daily Mail). 'Revolutionary. Altogether a new species of conjurer' (WestEndWilma.com). 'Highly impressive hour of technical excellence and irresistible charm' (Wow247.co.uk).
Jamie MacDowell and Tom Thum
One is good with his fingers, the other is good with his mouth. Beatbox sensation and one-man orchestra Tom Thum best known for the most watched TEDx talk of all time, Beatbox Brilliance joins bohemian singer-songwriter Jamie MacDowell to form an award-winning partnership that is 'redefining musical parameters' (Nouse). Adelaide Fringe Best Music Winner 2016. Brighton Fringe Best Music Winner 2014. ***** (BroadwayBaby.com). ***** (ThreeWeeks). ***** (TheClothesline.com.au). ***** (Rip It Up). ***** (Fritz). ***** (CliqueMag.com.au). 'The perfect combination of sexy and swagger' (Rip It Up).
Sleeping Trees at the Movies
Everybody has their favourite film genre, whether it's rom-com, action, independent amateur Japanese anime, the list is endless. This year, multi award-winning comedy trio the Sleeping Trees are bringing all of their hit movie shows back to the Edinburgh Fringe: Mafia, Western and Sci-Fi! Without any props or set to aid them and with each show accompanied by a rip-roaring live score, only someone who laments fun would consider missing the greatest movie trilogy since Big Momma's House. All three shows directed by Tom Parry (Pappy's/BBC Radio 4). Amused Moose Comedy Award Finalists 2016.
Want to party with friends? Join Flip FabriQue, the young company, rising stars of the new circus, coming straight from Quebec. Live these experiences with us that have formed us and see a bit of the undertones of an acrobatic tour. Spend a unique and vertiginous moment, an instant where everything is possible!
Mervyn Stutter
Your Host
Mervyn has been in the entertainment industry since 1974. He started in theatre where he acted, wrote scripts, songs, and directed for around 14 years. In the 1980s, he became the 'regular topical song bloke' on the BBC TV's first ever daytime show, 'Open Air', fronted by a thin Irishman called Eamonn Holmes. Over the years he has performed weekly topical songs on many TV current affairs programmes and more of the same on radio. In the late 1980s, Merv took his comedy songs onto the Comedy Circuit and then touring theatres. Merv's first Edinburgh Fringe was in 1986 and he has been every year since. He started his 'Pick of the Fringe' in 1992 and he has hosted it ever since. More at About Mervyn.
Pleasance One
Pleasance One
Pleasance One
Pleasance One
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