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All We Ever Wanted Was Everything
Theatre (new writing, music)
Meet Leah and Chris; raised on Harry Potter, New Labour and a belief they would be special. But what happens when dreams dont become reality? Set over three decades, from Cool Britannia to Brexit Britain, this is gig theatre from the award-winning team behind Weekend Rockstars. 'Re-inventing the idea of musical theatre from the smouldering ashes of everything you thought you knew about musical theatre' (Andrew Haydon on Weekend Rockstars).
Nick Revell vs Lily, Evil Cat Queen of Earth Planet and The Laughing Fridge
Comedy (stand-up, solo show)
'Revell makes you laugh and think; a rare and cherishable combination these days' (Scotsman). 'Scalpel-sharp satirist' (Evening Standard). Sell-out run 2016. So, one day, this stray cat just appears out my 3D organic printer. Nanobots boost her IQ to 200 Suddenly, a cute but ruthless predator threatens planetary domination. This on top of all the robots in my smart house blanking me, saying humans are pointless once machines attain singularity. Are we inventing ourselves into obsolescence? Includes zombie rodents. 'Comedy as genius' ***** (
Theatre (new writing, cabaret)
The multi award-winning show about Joan of Arc returns! Performed by drag king champion Lucy Jane Parkinson, history's greatest gender warrior takes the stage dragging up as the men she defies in this smash hit show. Packed with guts and heart, Joan is the latest daring fusion of lyrical new writing and cabaret prowess from the award-winning Milk Presents. A fearless solo play with uproarious songs about what it means to stand out, stand up and stand alone. Winner of the Scotsman Fringe First, Stage and Spirit of the Fringe Awards 2016. A triumphant solo show (Stage).
Theatre (storytelling, horror)
When we feel powerless, we create monsters and then? Its the Passover, a young girl has gone missing and the Jews know they will be blamed. The Blood Libel is coming to Prague. Rabbi Loew, leader of the community, creates a creature from the mud of the riverbank a being of enormous strength. But can the old Rabbi control his own creation? Golem: the moving, funny and electrifying story of the original Frankenstein. 'A performance laced with human poignancy and Hasidic humour, it is a splendidly interpreted fable with chilling contemporary resonance' (John Agard)
Colin Hoult / Anna Mann in How We Stop the Fascists
Comedy (sketch show, stand-up)
Having effectively cured all depression in last years smash-hit hour that was 'funnier than almost all other shows at the Fringe' (**** Telegraph), actress Anna Mann returns to take on the terrifying rise of fascism. Fear not, gentle liberals, mother Mann is here. 'Deliciously funny' **** (Times). 'Smart, absurd and unpredictable' **** ( **** (List). ***** ( As seen in Porridge (BBC Two), Murder in Successville (BBC Three) and Anna's own Sky Arts Valentines Short.
Charlie Baker: The Hit Polisher
Comedy (stand-up, cabaret)
Entertainment combined harvester Charlie Baker (Harry Hill's Teatime Sky 1, O2 Comedy Gala Channel 4, EastEnders) sings his nostalgic love letter to pop music of the 80s, 90s and 00s. Part comedy, part cabaret, his jokes, dancing and musical reimagining of throwaway hits will send you into the Edinburgh night with a happier soul. 'A superior take on the modern showman' (Guardian). 'Pure, undiluted barmy musical fun not to be missed not even by you' ***** (Three Weeks).
Cell Block Soweto: An A Cappella Gang Show
Cell Block Soweto: An A Cappella Gang Show by After Freedom is a new a cappella show telling stories of five prisoners confined in one of Johannesburgs prisons. Presented in a lighthearted and entertaining manner through stories and music, the show engages the audience in a musical journey into the South African past and present. The show intertwines African and Western tunes in quality a cappella arrangements. You are bound to be entertained!
Mervyn Stutter
Your Host
Mervyn has been in the entertainment industry since 1974. He started in theatre where he acted, wrote scripts, songs, and directed for around 14 years. In the 1980s, he became the 'regular topical song bloke' on the BBC TV's first ever daytime show, 'Open Air', fronted by a thin Irishman called Eamonn Holmes. Over the years he has performed weekly topical songs on many TV current affairs programmes and more of the same on radio. In the late 1980s, Merv took his comedy songs onto the Comedy Circuit and then touring theatres. Merv's first Edinburgh Fringe was in 1986 and he has been every year since. He started his 'Pick of the Fringe' in 1992 and he has hosted it ever since. More at About Mervyn.
Pleasance One
Pleasance One
Pleasance One
Pleasance One
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3rd-25th Aug 2019
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