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Camino de Sangjaru
Music (world music, traditional)
The traditional band Korean Gipsy Sangjaru set out to create ingenious world music based on the Korean traditional culture and arts. It's touching, astonishing and emotional! Inspired by Paulo Coelho's novel The Pilgrimage, the wanderers created diversified musical numbers on the way to Santiago. They created original music by blending tradition and modernity, East and West, youth and old age while on the road Camino de Sangjaru. The musical achievements of three young men, each with two or more Korean traditional instruments, will lead you to a fantastic new world. Join the captivating musical journey!
Aaron Simmonds: Disabled Coconut
Comedy (storytelling)
Join the BBC New Comedy Award finalist and wheelchair enthusiast as he tells you about how his first paid gig led to him performing on BBC2 a year later, and what happens when you are being trolled online for not being disabled enough. Aaron is far better at stand-up than standing up and his unique perspective on life – usually of people's belly buttons – gives him a distinctive edge in his performances as well as a sore neck. Jewish Comedian of the Year 2017. 'A class act' (
Brendan Galileo for Europe
Theatre (new writing, comedy)
Brendan Galileo is determined to make his mark on Irish political life and save the local school of music from being converted into apartments for racehorses, by joining the ranks of the European Parliament. However, with his voice so lost in a sea of tribal bureaucracy, he must take drastic action to improve his public profile. He must represent his country in the most vicious diplomatic catfight on the continent, the Eurovision Song Contest. A hilarious multi award-winning new play by Fionn Foley about keeping your integrity at the world's foremost convention of kitsch.
Jekyll and Hyde
Theatre (comedy, thriller)
Meet the most delightfully evil man alive, Mr Hyde. A man so evil he punches the cleaner, drop-kicks a precious puffin, and yells 'shark' at the beach. From the creators of 2018's hit Don Juan, this bonkers rendition of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic novel Jekyll and Hyde is retold by a team of charmingly "French" performers with the help of the audience. Experience theatre at its most joyous with audacious performers, twisted pop songs and brilliant physical comedy. Praise for Don Juan: ***** ( **** (List). **** (Scotsman).
Two Guys, Three Drams: The Ultimate Live Blues and Whisky Experience
Music (blues, tasting)
There are few things in life that go better together than blues and whisky. So join duo The Rhythm and Booze Project as they play a set of their stomping blues music, serve you three superb single malt scotch whiskies, and teach you a thing or two about appreciating the finest drink ever made. Whisky, music and mischief. It doesn’t get better than that. 'The Rhythm and Booze Project's unique approach to playing the best blues and serving the tastiest whisky will truly lift your spirits' (Whisky Magazine).
John Hastings: 10 John Hastings I Hate About You
Comedy (stand-up)
Comedy Central's John Hastings started from the bottom (Canada), then moved to the bottom (Britain) and has found a new bottom (America). Currently bottoming out, John is back to talk about the highs (read: none) and lows (read: many) of the past year. From losing his grandfather to open relationships to borrowing money from his mom, come watch John hit rock-bottom both figuratively and literally in his dream basement venue. TW(ats welcome): Mega LOLz and most likely toilet humour. ***** (Mirror). **** (
The MKC Experience
Music (vocal)
After working with some of the music industry’s biggest names including Mark Ronson, Boy George and Florence + The Machine, MKC step back into the spotlight to bring a new, exciting and captivating show to Edinburgh after selling out in 2017. Expect a fully immersive musical adventure taking you on a rollercoaster of emotions and styles that will touch your hearts and leave you uplifted and inspired. Known for their passion, blend and soulful delivery, MKC’s slick and choreographed presentation, combined with a genuine connection to each other and the audience, make this the ultimate vocal experience.
Mervyn Stutter
Your Host
Mervyn has been in the entertainment industry since 1974. He started in theatre where he acted, wrote scripts, songs, and directed for around 14 years. In the 1980s, he became the 'regular topical song bloke' on the BBC TV's first ever daytime show, 'Open Air', fronted by a thin Irishman called Eamonn Holmes. Over the years he has performed weekly topical songs on many TV current affairs programmes and more of the same on radio. In the late 1980s, Merv took his comedy songs onto the Comedy Circuit and then touring theatres. Merv's first Edinburgh Fringe was in 1986 and he has been every year since. He started his 'Pick of the Fringe' in 1992 and he has hosted it ever since. More at About Mervyn.
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