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It is very difficult for critics to review the Pick of the Fringe as it is a different show every day. After so many successful years, reviewers know that the concept works and that Mervyn Stutter is a brilliant host... so what is there left to say. But every now and then a good soul will still come along to review this wonderful show and give their independent assessment of what they have seen.

Listed below links to some of the reviews we’ve had over the years from the Press and some quotes from fellow Performers.
Performer Reviews

"From modest beginnings Mervyn has created a Fringe institution."
Nicholas Parsons

"Mervyn's show and his annual Spirit of the Fringe Awards are a worthwhile reminder of what the Fringe was initially for."
Stewart Lee

“When I first saw his poster I thought he was just an idiot in a stupid suit. Only later did I realise that he was an idiot in a stupid suit with a brilliant show. Every year I’ve seen something good that I wouldn’t have seen without the guidance of Mervyn. None of those things have been tailors.”

Dave Gorman

“His trousers alone deserve the definitive title ‘Mr Fringe’ - a real boost to the greatest arts extravaganza in the world.”
Guy Masterson

“Mervyn Stutter is very, very good as compere of this chat show, for to make such a showcase work requires skill, talent and quick reactions. Stutter works the crowd like the showman he is.”
The Observer

“I hold Mervyn Stutter personally responsible for the present state of my career.”
Boothby Graffoe

“Adulation, adoration and downright honest respect. Many thanks for the numerous times we’ve performed ridiculous extracts from ridiculous theatre shows to your enthralled audience. All hail to the Man in Pink himself!”
Rejects Revenge

“Since the demise of the late lamented Fringe Club, if you have talent but no money, the Mervyn Stutter Show is one of the ONLY places at Edinburgh where you can be assured of reaching a large audience and bring more people to YOUR show. Not only is the show an invaluable service to The Fringe, but, often forgotten, Mervyn himself is one of the most talented music-and-comedy acts ever to perform on the Fringe."
Earl Okin

The Scotsman - Mervyn Stutter celebrates 25 years at the Fringe
'It's like the Royal Variety Show of the Fringe'
3rd-25th Aug 2019
(not 15th, 22nd)
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